Skin Hacks To Tackle Your Most Stubborn Concerns

5 years ago I would walk into Sephora and hand over my wallet as I breezed down every-single-aisle. As my husband would say: I am a marketers dream and that store just does something to my senses 😏 But I would end up throwing away 80% of it after a year because they just didn’t work or made my skin react in a not-so-nice-way.

So, let’s make sure that the next time you go to Sephora or catch yourself in the beauty/skincare aisles at Target you have a list of ingredients and tools that will actually work for you and tackle your most stubborn concerns!

Here’s 3 common pesky skin issues and what you can do to handle them:

Breakouts (once a month or daily): 

  • Use a mask with kaolin clay or bentonite clay to draw out oil based impurities
  • Consider adding a salicylic spot treatment or peel pad (weekly)
  • If you’re breaking out but don’t have oil look for products with benzoyl peroxide
  • Keep your skin hydrated – use a moisturizer daily in the AM + PM
  • Got one that hurts – grab some ice to bring down inflammation & relieve the pain
  • Love your tools – look for a handheld LED blue light (the blue light is important because that level of light will kill bacteria that sits in the skin)


  • SPF use daily all-year-round – already pigmented skin will get darker if not protected and become even more stubborn so find a good SPF (SPF in your makeup doesn’t count)
  • Exfoliation 2-3 times a week is key – use an enzyme (typically brightening masks) and peel pads. Alternate them throughout the week. Both will target pigmentation already in the skin
  • Serums are your best friend. Serums are highly concentrated and developed to treat issues. The best serums for pigmentation are vitamin C, lactic acid & kojic acid. There are lots more but these will be good starting points
  • Professional treatments on a consistent basis will also help speed up the process!


  • Is the sign of inflammation so calming the skin is the goal
  • Switch out your cleanser – use an oil cleanser for removing make-up then follow with a lotion or milk based cleanser (stay away from gels or foaming cleansers for a little while)
  • SPF daily to prevent further irritation and protect your skin
  • Hydrate – rebuild your skin barrier by using a moisturizer in the AM + PM and use hydrating serums that will hold water to your skin longer like, hyaluronic acid
  • Encourage blood & oxygen flow by doing light downward sweeping strokes with your fingertips down your neck – this will encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Cold roll with an ice cube or cold roller daily 

Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention that professional treatments, like you know a facial,  paired with your at-home efforts will move your progress significantly. So book that facial 😉

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