The Aftercare No One Talks About

Nothing makes you feel more vulnerable than walking into a small brightly lit room with a stranger who’s waiting for you to drop your pants.

That was my first experience at one of those big box chain waxing centers after coming from a privately owned waxing studio that took up an entire southern colonial home; where the rooms were dimly lit, there was a small cloth to make me modest; my waxer left the room while I got ready and when we were done, she went over my aftercare.

Needless to say, one of the best positives was that the service at the waxing chain was fast but as we finished up no one told me about what I needed to do to stop those pesky in-growns or reduce any redness or how to prevent breakouts; or good habits after I literally exfoliated some of my most intimate areas.

So here are the 3 things you should always do after you get waxed – anywhere:

Avoid water: More like avoid the pool, the ocean, even a bath for the first 24-48 hours. This is the #1 way for your freshly waxed and exfoliated skin to get exposed to bacteria and/or have a reaction to any chemicals, minerals or irritants. Tip: Plan your wax appointment a few days before you go to the beach 😉

Don’t wear tight fitted clothing: Yoga pants, tights, bike shorts, non-cotton underwear or hats where sweat can accumulate is a big no-no. If you want to minimize and avoid breaking out don’t crowd your freshly waxed areas with non-breathable clothing where sweat can gather and sit. Tip: cotton underwear is the best if you plan on getting your bikini area done!

You don’t exfoliate between treatments: The golden rule for exfoliation after getting exfoliated is – wait till day 3. At this point you want to start gently exfoliating to avoid dead skin building up and covering new hair growth which creates irritation, bumps and ingrowns.

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