The Ins + Outs of Aging, Your Game Plan & The 5 Most Important Ingredients

Lately I’ve had a ton of people reach out and ask how they can manage signs of aging. Needless to say the current times we’re in aren’t helping us look or feel younger 😭

The Ins & Outs of Aging:

So let’s talk about aging and its signs. Obvious signs are wrinkles & fine lines (especially around the eyes and mouth where the skin is more delicate and any amount of loss in collagen and elastin is seen). Other signs are sun spots, dehydration and sagging. 

We also know that as we age our body’s ability to create collagen and elastin, regenerate and heal are all slowed down. Some of this can’t be helped but some it, especially if you’re seeing signs of aging prematurely; comes down to sun exposure, lifestyle choices (think smoking etc.), skincare products, skincare treatments, medication and environmental impacts (think city living etc.).

But what’s the best way to get ahead or start addressing this? Can we address this or is it all downhill?

Do not fear! We can get ahead and we can address current signs of aging with a game plan and a little bit of diligence.

The Game Plan

It’s literally a 2 step plan: remove & rebuild. 

Stage 1: Remove

The goal here is to help the skin cycle along and remove dead skin cells. We want to avoid build up and we want to encourage collagen and elastin production. This is where double cleansing, exfoliation, retinoids, professional peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning and lasers come in handy for at home care and in-studio treatments.

But you can’t stop here! Only removing will not help your skin – in fact it will end up causing reverse effects and speed up the signs of aging. So keep scrolling for the 2nd part of the plan 

Step 2: Rebuild

Our cells need to be well nourished and strong to do what they are intended to do – you know, create collagen and elastin. To help we can protect the skin from further damage with products like SPF and antioxidants; we also need to ensure there is blood & oxygen flow to the cells so they are nourished – this is easily accomplished by treatments like Gua Sha and DMK Enzyme Therapy; and we need to ensure cell strength with protein builders like peptides are available to ensure lift and contour.

Just like the rest of our body, our skin needs to be treated right to ensure it’s engaged and fully operational 💪

Top 5 Anti-Aging Ingredients to Remove & Rebuild

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