4 🔥 Fall Treatments & What You Need To Do To Get The Best Results

Is it too early to talk Fall? Well it’s not too far away and I personally love Fall (or Autumn as we call it in Oz) because it means sweats and the best time to do lots of skincare! There’s never been a time like now where we have so many proven options to chase our skin goals. BUT not all treatments will get you the results you think it should and that’s because there are some huge variables that will determine your results even before you start.

So let’s talk the 4 hottest treatments to start in Fall:


This is really good all-year round but anyhoo – Botox and Fillers are THE ultimate solution to getting guaranteed anti-aging results without surgery. See wrinkles & fine lines smooth out, skin lifted and tightened. They won’t address hyperpigmentation but certain Fillers like hyaluronic acid can help with dark circles around the eyes too. 

If you have hydrated and healthy skin before going in for your injectables your results will be as good as advertised. If you have dry, flaking, hyperpigmentation, redness etc. you may feel let down by your results.

The verdict: Good results come from having good skin. So if you’re planning on getting injectables, get on a good home & professional routine before-hand and your results will blow your mind.


By far one of the MOST popular facials and facial requests. There’s just something about physically removing the dead skin and feeling that difference instantaneously that makes you feel damn good!

Did you know though that this treatment is really only good for skin with build up? Because it’s a form of exfoliation it can help with wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation but if you’ve got no build up, there are better options. A good way to tell if you’re a candidate, is if you have visible signs of flaking, rough skin and oil. 

The verdict: If you don’t have flaking, active oil production or rough skin – this is not the treatment for you. It will only cause more damage. A better alternative is dermaplaning.

Chemical Peels

Peels are a staple in the skincare world and advancements in manufacturing technology and continued research has created a variety of peel options that don’t require you to hide away for weeks on end. Great for addressing wrinkles, fine lines & pigmentation; peels are a must.

Results take time in general with peels – more than one session is required and you need to be willing to follow your after-care. Forgetting about the after-care with peels can see a reverse effect like more pigmentation (which is easy to get but oh-so-stubborn to remove 😣) 

The verdict: If you’re not interested in multiple sessions and following after-care this is not a treatment you should consider, especially if you find yourself outside a lot or active where you work up a sweat.

Laser Resurfacing

This treatment is for the brave! It’s an aggressive but effective treatment for anti-aging that addresses all the issues like wrinkles, fine lines & pigmentation with quite spectacular results once healed – some people see significant results after only one session.

The treatment removes (almost) the entire top layer of your skin. It’s painful and makes your skin super sensitive.

The verdict: If you’ve already got sensitive skin or sensitivity issues where products irritate you; this is not a treatment you should consider at this time. Work on building up your barrier strength before this treatment so you heal with no issues.

But why is Fall the best time to get on a progressive skincare treatment routine? We tend to hibernate once the weather turns cool which keeps us out of the sun and sweating. And seeing that sun and sweat are 2 things that need to be avoided after these treatments, it’s a bonus that the weather helps us out. 

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully you found this helpful and if you want more tips for better skin, discounts & more click here so you don’t miss out!

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