5 Ways To Get Better Skin Without Getting a Facial – You’ll Be Supporting Your Local Esthetician Too 😉

We’re all still a little cautious and weary with the pandemic still playing out in the background of our lives. Schools have only been back in session for a few weeks and we’re still figuring out work, working out and how all the other things we loved to do fit in.

If you’re still wary of going in for a facial and removing your mask here are 5 things you can do, to get better skin and support your local esthetician:

Look at other services offered:

Most estheticians or spas offer a variety of services that are not limited to facials. If they didn’t before, they’ve definitely added services that don’t involve clients removing their face mask. Look at virtual consults, body treatments like back facials, lashing, waxing and laser treatments. For example, we’ve added body treatments like back facials, dark circle eye banishing treatment and tummy & booty contouring to get rid of bloat. All these treatments don’t require you to remove your mask, but still get you results!

Running out of products or looking for something new? Reach out to your esthetician:

Before clicking “add to cart” online, reach out to your local spa or esthetician to get customized product recommendations and if your esthetician or spa carry its own retail then consider purchasing what you need directly from them. The great thing about this is, customization. Your esthetician has a vested interest in your skin health so if you tell us you need a cleanser, we’ll ask a whole bunch of questions to make sure you get the right cleanser. Plus by the time you add shipping and handling charges, your costs end up similar but you’ll get the added knowledge that your products (recommended by your esthetician) will work for your current skin concerns because it’s curated for you.

Follow and engage with your esthetician & spa on social media:

If you’re active on Facebook and Instagram definitely give your esthetician a follow on their social media platforms and engage in posts. Most estheticians and spas who have social media accounts post a ton of information on best ingredients, do’s and don’ts; and answers to frequently asked questions you would typically ask during your facial visit. When you like or comment on a post you’re validating your esthetician’s hard work trying to curate the right content for you and this makes us so happy 😊 And the best part – it’s all free! 

Tell your friends and family:

If you’ve got friends or family struggling with skin issues talk to them about your esthetician, give them their contact information and encourage them to reach out. If they’re not ready for a facial, still get them to reach out or look at other services. Also get them to follow and engage with your esthetician on social media – see above👆 But seriously – help your family and friends get a handle on their skin struggles.

Subscribe to their email list to get the most up to date information:

Most businesses, small and large, offer deals and discounts through their mailing lists and being on their mailing list is the #1 way to get this information first. You’ll also get access to free information, tips and trends that may help you make adjustments to your current routine to get better skin. And it’s free 😁

So, not ready for facials but still need some skin help, your esthetician is waiting and when you reach out to get your skin issues answered, you’re also helping your local small business figure out their day-to-day in this crazy time 😉

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