Transform Your Skin With This 1 Skincare Step

You’ve got your routine but you’re still feeling dry and flaky and you’re not seeing any changes. You may be missing this one step in your current routine that will transform your skin and give you your glow up.

Masks/masques; whichever way you want to spell it are your secret weapon. They’re a little cumbersome – especially if you’ve got kids running around, work long hours or you’re just really busy! But, everyone should be adding these bad boys to their routine at least 1x a week. Here’s the breakdown of what masque will work best for you:

Clay Masques

Typically made from bentonite or kaolin clay, these masques are thick and wet when applied on the skin but dry and require water and towel removal. Bentonite and kaolin clay absorb oil and are great for overactive oil zones on the skin as they help absorb oil based dirt and congestion. They can also be calming.

Best For: Oily skin or areas of the skin that have active oil production. Great for acne and inflammation caused by acne.

How To Use: Unless you have active acne or oil all over the face, we recommend applying a clay masque in zones – only apply in the areas of need.

Frequency: 1 – 2 times per week.

Sheet Masques

These masques are great pick me ups and require very little work. The “sheet”/face cut out is typically made from cotton/microfiber, cellous (plant derived, used to make paper) or hydro-gel & soaked in a serum cocktail that is packaged in an airtight container ready to use. The serum cocktails are tailored for all types of concerns with hydration and brightening the most popular. 

Best For: These masques are great to prep the skin before a big night out as well as a night in with Netflix. Great for dehydrated skin especially in the cooler weather.

How To Use: These are single use only. Once applied you leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes – sometimes longer, depending on manufacturer instructions. To remove, simply take the sheet off – there is no need to rinse the residue off, just pat that into the skin. For a great calming effect, think about refrigerating your sheet masques.

Frequency: 1 – 2 times per week.

Peel Off Masques

A social media darling but that’s about it. These masques cause pain and it’s not because they’re removing dirt. It’s base ingredient is an adhesive which removes peach fuzz, hair and can lift healthy skin. The pain felt is the hair and skin essentially getting ripped off.

Best For: Don’t. There are too many ways for you to damage your skin further. There are better options.

How To Use: If you do wish to use though, ensure that when you apply you are avoiding areas that are irritated or have major hair growth – so don’t apply over the eyebrows (I’ve seen a video where this exact thing happened!).

Frequency: Not recommended.

Gel Masques

These are typically water based masques and are the best hydrators out there. Some of these masques, once warmed by the skin breakdown to a water consistency while others remain in their gel like form and provide great slip for any electronic devices you may like to use like radio frequency, cold rollers or ultrasonic firming devices.

Best For: All skin types. As a hydrating masque it will help with aging, inflammation & dehydration.

How To Use: Apply all over the face, we recommend with a brush as it can get messy. After the masque has sat for 10-15 minutes you can remove it with water.

Frequency: 1>  times per week.

Enzyme Masques

Also called brightening masques, they use fruit or plant (like bamboo) enzymes that gently dissolve dead protein. They’re also packed full of antioxidants and have tyrosinase inhibitor qualities that help brighten the skin.  These masques also get mixed with hydrators like hyaluronic acid so they can hydrate as well. But because of the enzymes these masques can feel active and create heat on the skin.

Best For: Most skin, but if you’re a little red and sensitive you may have to build up your skin barrier before trying this out.

How To Use: Apply everywhere on the face with a brush. Follow manufacturer instructions for length of time but if it feels active you can keep it on for about 3 minutes before removing. If the activity is too much, remove immediately with cold water.

Frequency: 1 – 2 times per week. It’s important not to overdo this masque as it has exfoliation properties.

Add this 1 step to your weekly routine and you’ll see and feel the difference. Some of these masques can be applied while you’re doing other things – just be sure to warn your significant other, roommates or kids that you’re coming out with a masque on 😅

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